Our Volunteer Program

As stated in our Society's Mission/Values: We achieve excellence through learning and continuous improvement, recognizing that staff and volunteers are our most valuable assets. Volunteers are extremely important to us, because they improve our residents' quality of life so much.

Many of our population have lived in the Downtown Eastside and may have mental and physical health problems, backgrounds of addiction and poverty, and few family or friends. Volunteers connect them to the outside world, broaden their social circle, and bring a different perspective to their daily lives.

Some of the qualities you will need to become a volunteer at City Centre Care Society include a non-judgemental and patient attitude, kindness, reliability and confidence in yourself and others.


As a volunteer with City Centre Care Society, you are entitled to free coffee/tea when volunteering. If your shift falls within our mealtime hours, you can have a free meal if you wish. There may be an event during your shift, and on these occasions you are also welcome to join us for treats. We also offer a free flu shot, should you wish to have one.

A letter of reference and/or statement of number of volunteer hours completed will be provided if you need this. We have an annual Volunteer Recognition Event, which will be planned to coincide with National Volunteer Week every April.

You may also have the chance to participate in training sessions relevant to different aspects of working with our client group as these are arranged.

There are a number of more intangible benefits to volunteering with us. It provides a unique opportunity for you to interact with people whose lives may be very different from your own. You may also be surprised at the extent of the diversity you will experience amongst our population.

Volunteering with us will give you an opportunity to simply serve. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for some, with our population you will also have a wonderful chance to practice your empathy and communication skills.


The volunteer openings we have currently follow. Please note that recruitment to our volunteer program is driven by the volunteer roles we have open at the time. We do not keep a list of people who may be interested in volunteering when a particular role becomes available in the future.

If you are interested in applying for one of the roles available now, please print out and complete our application form. We will invite you for an interview if we think there may be a good fit between us.**All positions need a criminal record check (you will have to pay for this).

Please send your completed application form for the attention of:

Wendy Harvey
Director - Operations & Leadership
City Centre Care Society
415. W. Pender Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1V2

Email: wharvey@cccares.org

Fax: 604.681.5546



JD - Shopper

JD - Clothing Aide

JD - Wii Host

JD - Recreation Aide



We look forward to furthering our Society's Mission and Values with your help!