Addiction Recovery

The Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) is a 90-day abstinence based residential alcohol and drug recovery program offered by the City Centre Care Society at Central City Lodge. Our facility is home to adults who self-identify as men who are interested in pursuing recovery from alcohol and drugs. We are licensed by Vancouver Coastal Health.

The facility provides a warm, friendly atmosphere that is conducive to personal growth and change. There are 18 single rooms and 2 double rooms for our 22 residents.

The Addiction Recovery Program is for:

  • Men who are 19 years of age or older
  • Men who have detoxified from alcohol and other drugs
  • Men who are committed to seeking assistance to achieve the goal of maintaining abstinence from alcohol and other drugs, including men stabilized on a Methadone or Sub Oxone maintenance protocol.
  • Priority is given to men living in the Vancouver Coastal Health region. The purpose of ARP is to support residents with the information and skills to obtain stability, maintain abstinence from substances of abuse and to transition into the community with the tools to continue achieving their life goals.

For more services about Addiction Recovery Program, please call 604–681-9111 or visit our website at

We believe that problems of substance misuse can be resolved when individuals are able to use evidence-based strategies to achieve their goals. We believe in the ability of each individual to make good decisions about their health care.

To support this purpose, ARP affords each individual resident an opportunity for growth and development with a focus that is both compassionate and client-centered. The program also recognizes the ability of the individuals to determine and meet their own needs.

We believe that problems of substance misuse can be addressed if individuals are provided with:

  • A respect for their ability to be responsible for their own wellbeing.
  • Encouragement that they are competent to make positive and healthy decisions using a strength-based approach, new information and skills
  • A sense of structure in their environment.

Within the ARP program our specific goal is to provide each individual with an optimal opportunity for growth and skill development to assist in the achievement of a personal addiction recovery plan.

ARP utilizes a number of strategies to facilitate a change in lifestyle. These include group life skills, group work, self-improvement, and individual case work, as well as a re-entry component which links residents to community resources, such as supported housing, education and employment programs, support groups, and outpatient counselling services.

We offer a 12-week rotation of our day programming.

Our daily program includes:

  • Life skills development and an introduction to areas including goal setting, managing conflict and anger, listening skills, problem resolution, stress management skills, and relapse prevention.
  • Exploring options such as mental health day programs, employment programs, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, counselling, and other peer support groups.
  • Re-entry planning is a later stage assisting residents to explore housing, education and employment options, as well as participate in ongoing mutual support programs.
Staff work with residents to develop a discharge plan as part of their overall service plan when they enter the program. Throughout a resident’s stay, caseworkers provide one-to-one support and assist residents in working towards the goals of their personal recovery plan.

Residents are expected to meet with their caseworker at least once weekly and residents are provided with structured programming seven days a week.


The Addiction Recovery Program provides:

  • Accommodation with supervision by staff 24 hours/day, seven days a week
  • 3 meals each day plus one snack at night
  • Individual services plans that include relapse prevention planning and personal recovery plan
  • Life skills training and socialization
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Smoking cessation support
  • On site Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
  • Aftercare Preparation
  • One day a week addictions physician and addictions nursing care (VCH)

We also offer students practicum placements for complementary therapies, addiction services, counselling and social work.


There are five primary components to ARP:

  • Daily participation in our group programming that focuses on Relapse Prevention skills and Life Skills
  • Develop monthly goals and review these on a bi-weekly basis with a Case Worker
  • Work toward developing a network of support in the community through accessing individual support (e.g. counsellor, psychologist, sponsor and group support (e.g. SMART recovery, AA, NA, support group)
  • Optional Participation in groups such as SMART, Mindfulness, Boot Camp
  • Engage in all community aspects of the program

The Vancouver Coastal Health Central Addictions Intake Team handles all referrals to the Addiction Recovery Program. Please call Andrew Stone at CAIT 604–675–2455 Ext. 22563 to get referral information.

Referral agents wishing to learn more about our facility can request a tour of our site. Please contact John Heron, Program Manager 604–639–8237 to schedule a visit.

ARP Contact Information:

Central City Lodge – Addiction Recovery Program
415 West Pender Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1V2
Phone Caseworker at 604–639–8238
Phone Manager at 604–639–8237
Fax: 604–696–6769

To leave a message for a resident, call the caseworker office at 604–639–8238. Please note that this is a confidential until and we can only take messages and post them.


The Addiction Recovery Program at Central City Lodge is a “per diem” program.

The rate of per diem is $40 per day.

The per diem can be paid by a number of organizations:  

    • MSDSI – (Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation). Whether an individual is on basic income assistance or disability, MSDSI will cover the full per diem cost of the stay, and provide the individual with $95 comfort allowance per month. This is pending approval from MSDSI, who can refuse to pay due to outstanding warrants for arrest, money owed, unfiled taxes, etc..


    • OAP/CPP/EI – (Old Age Pension, Canadian Pension Plan, Unemployment insurance). For individuals receiving pensions or EI, the individual will need to pay the full amount of their pension or EI to Central City Lodge (i.e. $750/month). Should the individual get less than $1200/month on their pension, they can apply through their referral agent to MSDSI for income assistance. Income assistance will “top up”, meaning, they will pay the remaining amount (i.e. if an individual get $750 on their pension, they can apply for income assistance, and MSDSI will top up the remaining $450 per month).


    • WCB or Long term disability – The individual would need to pay for the entirety of their stay, with the money from these sources.


    • AFS (Affordable Fee Subsidy program) – Vancouver Coastal Health offers their AFS (Affordable Fee Subsidy) program which can be applied for. This program, if approved, will pay for the entirety of their stay at CCL (90 days) but not beyond.


    • Self-Pay – Unlike many other programs, the self-pay rate is the exact same as all the other rates, that being $40 per day (or $1200 – $1240 per month).


  • Medications – Unless the individual is on basic income assistance or disability, and their medications are covered by MSDSI, or is covered through an independent insurance plan, the individual is responsible for the cost of their medications.

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